Who cooperates in this project?

  • 4 schools
  • 4 non profit organisations

Czech Republic


is a non profit organisation established in 2010 which gathers teachers, people working in educational sector and people interested in lifelong learning. Overall goal of the organisation is to improve position of teachers and people in educational sector. Activities of clubs members concentrate on three topics – English languagedevelopment, outdoor adventure education and healthy life style.


Střední zdravotnická škola a Vyšší odborná škola zdravotnická, Plzeň, Karlovarská 99

is a secondary medical school & the college of higher medical education which has been providing high quality professional medical education for more than 70 years, which is highly on demand on the labour market. School ranks among the largest regional medical schools in Czechia, having about 930 students & 170 highly qualified internal & external teachers. This school has been participated in many Erasmus+ projects.



CEIPES - centro internazionale per la promozione dell'educazione e lo sviluppo associazione

is a non profit association. Its mission is to support the sustainable development of local communities & individuals empowerment through education & training, human rights & international cooperation. CEIPES works at local, European & international level in synergy with more than 100 organisations CEIPES staff is composed of many professional experts with different competences in several sectors such as psychology, communication, education, international cooperation,sport management,informatics, law etd. This association has been involved in many Erasmus+ projects.


Liceo Statale "G. Lombardo Radice"

is a high school with 150 teachers & 1450 students. The Liceo has been working on eTwinning, Comenius & Erasmus+ projects. All courses at Liceo enable students to learn languages & Linguistic focuses on proficient levels in English, French & Spanish. The school has been awarded prizes for Drama in English, French & Spanish, making students enthusiastic about learning by doing. The Socio-Economic course has been involved in entrepreneurial activities in last few years & has offered a practical experiences in close contact with banks, industries & the outer world. The learning methodology, which follows the experiencing logic of "learning by doing" has enabled students to be actively involved.



CPR Gijón-Oriente

is a training center providing professional development for teachers from about 125 schools, ranging from pre-primary to upper secondary education, as well as vocational, arts, languague&other type of schools. CPR de Gijon-Oriente coodinates a regional training activity about Game-inspired Learning. Over 100 teachers developed skills & competences to understand & design this project for their students. Around 25 schools and over 200 teachers are involved in some form of teacher development related to gamification. This training center has been involved in a few Erasmus+ projects.



is a vocational school forming a community of around 95 teachers & more than a thousand students.School provides secondary education & vocational studies in various fields, such as computer studies, administration & health studies. The school has a strong commitment to using of modern technology to enhance education & has a well established student e-learning program. Teachers are using some reinforcement tools such as Quizizz, Scape class, gamified Kahoot, where students find the game or application that suits them the best, always to learn while having fun. Has been participant of many Erasmus+ projects.




is a non profit organisation. Members are mainly teaching staff from different types of educational organisations. Paydas is creating a youth policy which aims to compensate young people including the ones who have economical, educational, social, physical & geographical obstacles with the help of activities in the fields of education, art, music, drama, dance and othe social projects. Its previous big experiences give the organisation a unique insight of the practical aspects of implementing large scale co-funded projects & also provided an extremely wide network of collaborating organizations from all over the world. The organisation has been important part in many Erasmus+ projects.


Hasan Fatma Onal Anadolu Lisesi

is a secondary school where the main fields of education are social studies, languages, maths & science. Also art, physical education, music & ICT lessons are provided. School has a high number of foreign students from different cultures.Also since school is located in a favorite tourist destination & further lack of motivation for studying, that results in early school leaving. Project "COOLT-Methology & Practices for Peace Education" which aims at improving of understanding of peace among its students & developing a peace education methodology. "Way back to school"which aims to drop the level of early school leaving. Other projects of gamification such as "Shall we play to learn", "Stemification", "Gamification Europe" etc. Also this school is a participant of many Erasmus+ projects.