E-learning about gamification is ready for you

13.08.2022 | admin

Are you interested in gamification? Would you need to get clearer scope what is the difference among games, game-based learning and gamificiaton? Are you curious how gamified systems can help you in teaching? If you are looking for answers for these or similar questions, here is the link you should definitely visit: http://game.thelearninggames.es/

“G.A.M.E. Learning adventure” which you find under this link will guide you through the world of gamified ways of teaching. There are several ways how to gamify teaching and several strategies to use in different teaching situations. Sometimes it is more effective to use a simple game, sometimes it is better to use a simulation, sometimes it is great to gamify whole year teaching topic. But the core to be able to use games or gamification is to have basics information how these systems in education work, what effects can this way of teaching bring and of course some examples, so you know how it can look like.

If you are interested in the topic, visit our website, make a free registration and use all the information and examples we collected for you in the project.